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New & Notable

Web Accessibility

Help Page

Introduction to WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool by WebAIM)

Video (5:37) - Help Page

Sharing to Facebook and Twitter

Video (1:45) -  Help Page

Publishing Images, Links, and Formatted Text for News and Notes on Websites

Video (1:48) -  Help Page

Submit Work Redesign

Video (1:43) -  Help Page

How to Organize Content on the Curriculum Tab

Video (1:10) - Help Page

Importing Scores

Video (5:40) -  Help Page

Auto-Recover and Timeout Protection

Video (0:59) - Help Page

Adding and Previewing Attachments

Video (2:50) - Help Page

School Loop: Quick Start Tutorials

Short videos to get you started and answer key questions!


How to mass copy assignments to multiple courses

Video (2:20) — Help page

Add a co-teacher to your course

Video (2:34) — Help page

Using the rich text editor to add images

Video (1:58) — Help page

Upgraded Locker and Google Drive Integration

Locker: Video (1:57) — Help page

Google Drive: Video (1:17) — Help page

Looking for Support Materials for Students and Parents?

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